During a career spanning just over a decade, Carl Hanaghan has well & truly lived the dream, travelling far and wide to headline the biggest festivals, venues and nightclubs across the globe. Hailing from Brighton, Carl was introduced to electronic music in the early noughties where inspirational sets from the likes of Carl Cox & Fatboy Slim would set the tone for Carl’s development as a DJ.

A resident DJ for Ministry of Sound’s globally recognised, Ibiza inspired clubbing brand HedKandi, alongside his passion for the scene, Carl’s dynamic technical ability compliments his versatile open format DJ sets that feature a sublime dancefloor selection of the finest uplifting feel good music, old & new.

As a producer, Carl has worked alongside some incredible artists including legendary DJ, Todd Terry. His releases have featured on BBC Radio 1, Kiss & Capital amongst many other stations globally. You can also find his work online, available across all download stores & streaming services.

Carl has over 15 years experience working in the music industry having held roles as A&R, compilation album curator, artist & record label manager, marketing and as a promoter for companies such as Ministry of Sound, Defected Records, HedKandi and Six15. Alongside this, Carl has excelled as an engineer focussing on production, mixing and sound design creation within a recording studio environment.

Did you know that Carl curated, mixed & mastered 66 Hed Kandi compilation albums between 2010 and 2016, selling over a million copies worldwide. His favourite compilation within the series was Beach House the featured the perfect Soulful soundtrack to the summer.

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Career Venue Highlights: Ministry of Sound, Space, PachaCreamfields, Eden, Ocean Beach, Ibiza Rocks, Cafe Savannah, Cocoon, Gatecrasher, El Divino, Es Paradis, Sound Awake, Muziekgebouw, Nikki Beach & more.


Single Releases

  • Carl Hanaghan & Tom Da Lips ‘I Believe’ (Phoenix Music 2020)
  • Carl Hanaghan ‘Hommage Classique’ (Discopolis 2019)
  • Carl Hanaghan & Inaya Day ‘Let The Music’ (Tropical Velvet 2019)
  • Carl Hanaghan, Mariella Violin, Olivia Erica, Romi Percussion & Tom Da Lips ‘Fade’ (Six15 Music 2018)
  • Carl Hanaghan ‘Henri’s Groove’ (Discopolis 2018)
  • Carl Hanaghan & Dirty Secretz Feat. Marck Jamz ‘Show Me The Way’ (Phoenix 2017)
  • Carl Hanaghan Feat. Leanne Brown ‘Runaway’ (Duffnote 2017)
  • Carl Hanaghan & Dax On Sax ‘Give Into Me’ (Discopolis 2017)
  • Carl Hanaghan & Inaya Day ‘Lovin You’ (Let There Be House 2016)
  • Todd Terry vs Carl Hanaghan ‘In The House’ (Phoenix 2016)
  • Carl Hanaghan vs Matt Meler ‘I Went Down’ (Love Inc 2015)
  • Carl Hanaghan & DJ Eibhlin ‘Claves De Sol’ (Hed Kandi 2015)
  • Carl Hanaghan ‘Tell Me’ (Discopolis 2014)
  • Carl Hanaghan Feat. Beth ‘Illuminate Me’ (Discopolis 2014)
  • Carl Hanaghan & Dean Oram ‘Wachiwi’ (Warrior Grooves 2014)
  • Carl Hanaghan & Ted Nilsson ‘Classixx’
  • Carl Hanaghan ‘Strings Of Life’ (Zulu 2014)
  • Carl Hanaghan ‘You EP’ (Beatdown 2014)
  • Carl Hnaaghan ‘You Know How’ (Discopolis 2014)
  • Carl Hanaghan ‘Street Life’ (Mjuzieek 2013)
  • Carl Hanaghan feat. Roz Brown ‘The Otherside’ (Discopolis 2013)
  • Carl Hanaghan & Darryl D’Bonneau ‘Party Right’ (Discopolis 2013)
  • Carl Hanaghan feat. LaShonda ‘Mojitos & Sunshine’ (Discopolis 2013)
  • Carl Hanaghan feat. The Lovely Laura ‘Alone’ (Conkrete Digital 2013)
  • Carl Hanaghan & Dan Van feat. Bobbi Depasois ‘Rising’ (Hotfingers 2013)
  • Carl Hanaghan & My Digital Enemy feat. Dean Oram ‘Drum Warrior’ (Zulu 2013)
  • Carl Hanaghan & My Digital Enemy ‘We Are One’ (Zulu 2012)
  • Carl Hanaghan ‘Eivissa’ (Hed Kandi 2012)
  • Carl Hanaghan & Ted Nilsson ‘Together’ (Zulu 2012)
  • Carl Hanaghan ‘South Beach Love’ (Hed Kandi 2012)
  • Carl Hanaghan ‘Solar’ (Hed Kandi 2011)
  • Carl Hanaghan & My Digital Enemy ‘Put Your Hands On Me’ (Stealth 2011)
  • Carl Hanaghan & Ted Nilsson ‘Show Your Love’ (Hed Kandi 2011)
  • Carl Hanaghan & Ted Nilsson ‘Make Me Feel’ (Bring Your Records 2011)
  • Carl Hanaghan feat. Kaysee ‘Summertime’ (Hed Kandi 2011)
  • Carl Hanaghan & Ted Nilsson ‘Wear It Out’ (Discopolis 2010)
  • Carl Hanaghan & My Digital Enemy ‘Subida’ (Stealth 2010)
  • Carl Hanaghan & My Digital Enemy ‘Falling For You’ (Discopolis 2010)
  • Carl Hanaghan & My Digital Enemy ‘Leyenda’ (Vacation 2009)
  • Carl Hanaghan & My Digital Enemy ‘Atlas’ (Cr2 2009)


  • Inaya Day & Master Fale ‘Joyful Life’ (NY-O-DAE 2019)
  • Tom Da Lips ‘Pacific State’ (Discopolis 2019)
  • Soul Central ‘On The Edge’ (Yoversion 2018)
  • Gary Tuohy ‘Guys From The Block’ (Let There Be House 2016)
  • Husky Feat. Natalie Wood – Next To You (Bobbin Head 2015)
  • Robin S ‘Show Me Love’ (Hed Kandi 2015)
  • Terry Lex & Sean David Feat. Angie Brown – I Need You (Duffnote Recordings 2014)
  • Southlight Feat. Katie Underwood ‘Element’ (Discopolis 2014)
  • Gianfranco Feat. Ash ‘All I Do’ (Discopolis 2014)
  • Solution ‘Feels So Right’ (Unkwn Records 2014)
  • Jonathan Kiely & Rooney – Rising (Beatdown 2014)
  • Fake • Remedy feat. Leanne Brown ‘Closer To You’ (Discopolis 2014)
  • Husky ‘If We Only Had Tonight’ (Bobbin Head 2013)
  • Nathan Cozzetto & Adam Castleton ‘The High Life’ (Discopolis 2013)
  • Husky feat. Fourfeet ‘Hard To Find’ (Bobbin Head 2013)
  • Speedboats & Big Explosions ‘The Music Sounds Better With You’ (Emotive Sounds 2013)
  • Live Element ‘Be Free’ (Strictly Rhythm 2013)
  • Treasure Fingers & Codes feat. Amy Douglas ‘Blowin’ Up’ (Hed Kandi 2012)
  • Cult 45 ‘Under The Sun’ (Hed Kandi 2012)
  • Carl Crème ‘My Lovin’ (Discopolis 2012)
  • Tara McDonald ‘Generation 24/7’ (Hed Kandi 2011)
  • Dirty Secretz ‘Cuba’ (Hed Kandi 2011)
  • Late Night Alumni ‘Empty Streets’ (Hed Kandi 2011)
  • The One Hundred ‘Break Me Down’ (Hed Kandi 2010)
  • Tom De Neef ‘Twisted’ (Jacksquad 2009)
  • eSQUIRE feat. Soraya Vivian ‘Nobodies Business’ (Hed Kandi 2009)
  • Danny Howells & Dick Trevor Feat. Erire – Dusk Til’ Dawn (Cr2 Records 2009)